Wear the TRU Beauty Pullover Sweatshirt as a celebration of your authentic beauty. When we take care of ourselves with nourishing, vibrant foods, feed our bodies with mindful movement, grow our spiritual connection, and develop deep and meaningful relationships, our inner beauty radiates. It reflects in our souls and in our eyes.




tru beauty


Specifications: This pullover is unisex and runs oversized. Size down for a less slouchy fit.

Shipping information: All clothing is made-to-order and will be shipped within 2 weeks.

Care instructions: Machine wash cold, air dry.

Showing compassion and care for yourself and others

Staying committed to your goals and mission

Taking time to nourish all areas of your life

Living each day with intention

Being disciplined, yet balanced and in flow

Practicing analytic and critical thinking

TRU beauty comes from living beautifully from the inside out:

What does TRU beauty mean?

I wanted to share a piece of clothing that would serve as a tangible reminder that beauty comes from within. When wearing it, remember to take a few moments for yourself. Showing love to yourself can be as simple as eating a beautiful piece of fruit, or thinking a positive thought that brings you joy.

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